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--- : [  Drop shadow Preset - Put in your Psp Preset folder ] : ---
--- : [  Tubes - Open in Psp and minimise ] : ---
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--- : [  Xero Plug-in ] : ---

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 Filters HERE
Mail me for help if you don't have any of these filters

Remember to save OFTEN!

Open new Transparent Canvas 680 x 340

Flood fill with White

Open Marif_2006_septembre_misted_fleurs062.pspimage, copy and paste as new layer

Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling with these settings

Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur with these settings:

This is what you should have:

New Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Disk and look for Xtreme-All-About-Pink-01.PspSelection apply with these settings:

Flood fill Selection with White


Effects Drop Shadow with these settings:

Open Giada_in_pink.pspimage, copy and paste into layer

Image - Resize by 65% move to right side of Canvas covering the right side of the White Square

Open Marif_2006_septembre_misted_fleurs062.pspimage again, copy and paste as new layer into canvas

Resize by 65% and move to Left of Canvas just inside the canvas

Open Xtreme-All-About-Pink--Squares-01-Ms.pspimage, copy and paste into Canvas

Move this layer Below both tubes, but visible within the White Square

Open Marif_2006_octobre_misted_fleurs083.pspimage and place on right side in front of female tube and reduce the Opacity to 65

Highlight BOTTOM layer

Open both Dust tubes - Copy and Paste as New Layers

Using the colour #c42d54 Open your text box and type in the first letter of your name - Set the size at 100 - OK

Open your text box again and type in the rest of your name - -Set the size at 72 - OK

Convert to Rastor Layer

Drop Shadow with same settings as before (Should still be in memory)

Add your Watermark and any Copyright Info you may need

Save in Psp Format first

Add Border using #c42d54 colour - 15 Symmetrical

Click inside the Border with your Magic Wand

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow with these settings:

Drop Shadow again - Reverse Vertical and Horizontal


Effects - Xero - Porcelain with these settings:

Save as Jpg


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