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 Filters HERE
Mail me for help if you don't have any of these filters

Remember to save OFTEN!


Open the Frame supplied - Copy and Paste as new image, then close the original

Selections - Select all

Flood fill with a colour from your texture, i used #94b6e5, do this about 5 times or until you reach the colour you desire


Rename this Layer to Frame

New Layer

Flood fill with Black - White if you are using for a White Background

Layers - Arrange - Move down (This should now be the bottom layer)

Image - Canvas size with these settings:

Flood fill the Background Layer again with Black

Rename this Layer to Background

Highlight top layer, this is your frame layer

Click inside with your Magic Wand

Selections - Modify - Expand by 4

New Layer

Copy and paste Agave.jpg Into Selection


Rename this Texture 1

Layers - Arrange - Move Down

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize

While still on this layer - Selections - Select all - NEW Layer

On New Layer, copy and paste Coral_Kingdom.jpg INTO selection

Rename to Texture 2 and place Blend mode to Soft Light

This is what your Layer Palette should look like

And your image

With Texture 2 Layer selected - Layers - Merge - Merge Down, you have only one Texture layer now

Top layer selected

New Layer

Open Mtm_Bloemen 207-16 mei 2007.pspimage

Copy and Paste as New Layer on your Image - Move to left - Place it so the stalk looks like it is inside the frame and the leaf is just over hanging

Effects - Adjust - Variations this is a little tricky LOL

Firstly, make sure you click the Original Image

Ok here goes click More Blue - More Cyan then More Blue again - OK

Add Drop Shadow with these settings:

Texture Layer Selected

New Layer

Load/Save Selection - Locate Xtreme-ArsGratisArtis-01.PspSelection - OK

Bring up Marif_2007_06Juin_lady0291_1.pspimage

Image - Mirror

Copy and Paste INTO Selection


Change the Blend Mode to Luminance (L)

Add same Drop Shadow as before

Close the Background layer and Merge all Visible layers

Using your mover tool move the Image up slightly so you can see more Black at the bottom than the top

Text Tool set at Vector (I always prefer Vector setting, you can move it where-ever you want first)

Colour #8cadda

Type your name (I wrote the name of the tutorial)

Move it to the bottom right of your image - overlapping the frame a little like so:

Convert to Rastor Layer and add Drop Shadow

Add your Watermark and any Copyright Info you need

Merge all layers and save as Jpg


Tubes By Mtm Manon and Jet


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