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Open new image 443 x 343

Flood fill with white

Add new layer

Load selection Beauty_01_Ms

Flood fill with a dark colour from your tube

Selections, Modify, Contract by 1

Hit delete

Selections, select none

Add new layer

Load selection Beauty_02_Ms

Flood fill again with your dark colour

Selections, Modify, Contract by 1 and hit delete again.

Hide your bottom layer and merge the two box layers

Rename bottom layer to Background

Rename top layer to box

With Box layer highlighted

Click in the middle with your Magic Wand

Selection, Modify, Expand by 1

Flood fill with white

Keep selected and add new layer

Add some grungy brushes to this layer, adding a new layer for each brush so you can change the Opacity and Blend mode if you wish

When you have finished with your brushes, deselect

Bring up your tube

Paste as New Layer onto your canvas

I resized my tube by about 70% then used the deform tool to tweak it into position so that it fits just inside the smaller box like so:

Add new layer

Load selection from disk, Load Beauty_03_Ms

Flood fill with your dark colour

Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds


Change opacity to 82

Add new layer

Load selection, load Beauty_04_Ms

Flood fill with your dark colour and again using the same Effects as above but this time, UNCHECK Horizontal

Change opacity to 58


Add new layer

Add Ms_Beauty_01 brush to the top right hand corner of your canvas

Change the Blend Mode to Multiply

Highlight your Background layer and ad some brushes to this layer just so that you can see them around the edge of your Box layer

Add your name and use a drop shadow to suit

Add any copyright information you may need

Merge all

Save as Jpeg

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