Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro

Penta.Com Color Dots

Xero Porcelain

2 Tubes (Supplied)

1text brush (Supplied)

My selection (Supplied)

Font of your choice

Place Plug-in into your Plug-in folder

Place Brush into your Psp Brush folder

Place Selections into your Psp Selections folder



This is quite a lengthy tutorial so make sure you have plenty of snacks and your partner and kids are in bed lol and as always, remember to save often!!!!


  1. Open a blank canvas 600 x 600 Transparent; don't worry about the size for now.
  2. Flood fill with a dark colour from your tube, i chose: #b22709
  3. Open your ©rystaltubed_731.psp tube and paste it as a new layer, leave it where it is in the centre if your canvas


NB Minimise this tube as we will be using it later in the tutorial


  1. Go to Effects, Image Effects and seamless Tiling with these settings:

  1. Selections, Load Selection and look for my BlazingDesire Selection, hit delete, leave as is
  2. Choose a light colour from your tube, I used #fdd09a
  3. Find a-dozi's-oldtext-06-Brush 001.PspBrush and add a few times to fill the selection, then deselect, this is what we should have now:

  1. Lower the opacity of this layer to about 70
  2. Put this canvas aside, we will be working with this again soon.
  3. Open your ©rystaltubed_731.psp tube, the one we minimised earlier in the tutorial. Copy and paste onto your workspace, you can minimise this tube again.
  4. Add a new layer, arrange, send to bottom
  5. Choose two colours from your tube, a dark one for the foreground and a light colour for your background
  6. Click on gradient and use these settings:

  1. Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur with these settings:

  1. Effects, Penta.Com, Color Dots with these settings:

  1. Go back to your tube layer
  2. Effects, Xero and Porcelain with these settings:

  1. Merge, merge visible.
  2. We need two copies of this, so copy and paste your copy onto your workspace and minimise for now.
  3. With the canvas we have just been working on, Image, Add Borders and add a symmetrical border of 7.
  4. With your magic wand at these settings:

Mode, Replace

Match Mode, RGB Value

Tolerance 0

Contiguos checked

Feather 0

Anti-alias checked


  1. Click inside your border to select it, flood fill this with your gradient.
  2. Add the same Color Dots settings as before
  3. Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow with these settings:

  1. Selections, De-select.
  2. Edit, copy this image
  3. Open the 600 x 600 image we were working with earlier and paste as a new layer.
  4. Place your new image to the left of your background image like so:

Ok, you still with me? LOL

  1. Add your signature in a contrasting colour and any copyright information you need on your tag now, including your own watermark:

These are the settings I used for my text.

Font size 100

Drop shadow:

Merge, merge visible.

  1. Remember the smaller tag we did in step 19? We need to maximise this now
  2. Add a new layer
  3. Selections, select all
  4. Open the MarieL2006fev_colored02t.pspimage copy and paste into selection
  5. Selections, select none
  6. Image, Resize with these settings:

..:: Now for the Animation::..

  1. With your resized graphic, hide layer 2 like so:

  1. Copy merged
  2. Open Animation shop and paste as New Animation
  3. Back to Psp
  4. Hide layer 2 and and open Layer 3
  5. Copy Merged, back to Animation Shop
  6. Click on the image your pasted a minute ago, and right click, paste AFTER current frame.

  1. Click on your first frame
  2. Edit, Select all
  3. Effects, Insert Image Transition Zoom, using these settings:

  1. Click ok
  2. We now have 31 frames, but don’t worry about this just yet
  3. Go back to Psp and copy the large background image we were working with earlier.
  4. Back to Animation Shop and Paste as new animation
  5. We need to have 31 copies of this, so hit Shift, Ctrl and L 30 times, WOW lol
  6. To make things a little easier to work with and because the background is so large, zoom out until you are comfortable with what you are working with

Ok, down to business

  1. With both sets of images, you need to click on your first frame and select all. I like to make sure my smaller graphic is on top so I can see what I am doing better :o)
  2. Drag the first frame of your smaller graphic onto the right hand side of your larger graphic.
  3. Place this in between the Image of the tube and the edge of your canvas and about half way down, or wherever you want your animation to be:

This may take a little while to load.

  1. Click on your little Movie Icon at the top  and just check your animation to make sure you are happy with your results.
  2. Now we are going to resize the animation
  3. Edit, select all
  4. Animation, Cull animation
  5. Add number 5
  6. Back to Cull animation, but this time put 3
  7. We have now reduced our frames from 31 to 17, good eh?!
  8. Resize your image now to one of your liking, these are the settings I used:

  1. Animation, frame properties, 20
  2. File, save to a folder of your choice.


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, please email me if you have any questions



February 17 2006

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