Supplies Needed
Paint Shop Pro
Click here for a 60 day free trial

A tube of your choice
I used a Crystal tube from Tubed Crystal, thank you so much Crystal for allowing me to use your tubes.
You can find a link to Crystal Tube group
My brush
2 Fonts, FFX_Simple_Thin.ttf I have supplied, but I cannot supply the script font as it is a pay for font.
No outside filters are needed for this tutorial

Ok, here we go and remember to save often!!!!

1. Open a new canvas 600 by 350 transparent.

2. Flood fill with black

3. Selections, select all and add a new layer
4. Selections, Modify and Contract by 3
5. Flood fill with  #18568a and keep selected

6. Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds with these settings:

7.  Add a new layer

8. Choose your selection tool, then click on Custom Selection tool with these settings:

9. Flood fill with black again

10. Selection, select all, then Modify and Contract by 3 again then flood fill again with #18568a
Keep selected
11. Effects, Texture Effects and Blinds again but we are going to change the colour, these are the settings I used:

12. Open your tube and copy, paste into selection, put tube to one side
Selection, select none.

13. Back to the tube we set aside

14. Image, Mirror

15. Paste as new layer making sure that the tube is to the left of your canvas, move the layer down so that it is above your second layer.

16. Add new layer

17. Change the colour in your colour palette to white and look for Ms_Confused_Text brush or your own text brush

18. Add the brush twice to this layer, one at the top of the canvas and one at the bottom to cover the blue part of the canvas

19. Change the opacity of this layer to Luminance (Legacy) and lower the opacity to roughly 26
This is what you should have now:

20. Make sure that your top layer is activated and add new layer

21.  Image, Rotate, Rotate Clockwise 90

22. Click on your text tool, type in the word confused, again your text will be white using these settings

23. Adjust your text so that it fits inside the blue part of your canvas and with vector surround, drag your text down to fit as shown below:

24. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 60 and promote to layer

25. Image, Rotate, Rotate Counter clockwise 90

26. Add new layer

27. Again with both your Foreground and Backgrounds white, click on your text tool and add your name using these settings:

28. Promote to rastor Layer

29. Add drop shadow with these settings:
30. Add your Watermark and save as Jpeg


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, please email me if you have any questions



February 17 2006

 dancing with the stars
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