Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro

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Tube and Template

{Thank you Mariel for allowing me to use your awesome tubes!}


{I have acquired these over a long period of time, if you are the owner, please email me so I can give proper credit...thank you}

A nice script font





Remember to save often!

Open MarieL2006mai_abstract01t.pspimage and copy this onto your workspace (Don't worry about the size, we'll be dealing with this at the end of the tutorial O;)

Close the original template so you can use at a later date.

Add a new layer and drag to bottom and flood fill with white

Duplicate the template

Close the duplicate template

Working with your original template which should be layer two

Choose a nice colour from your tube, I used #5d936c

Effects, Art Media Effects, Brush Strokes with these settings:

This is what your image should look like now:

Hide both template layers

Highlighting your bottom (white) layer add new layer

Add some grungy and splodgy type brushes using various colours from your tube:

Unhide all layers

Open up your MarieL2006avril_vector01t.pspimage and set aside, we'll be using this in a moment

Magic wand with these settings:

Click inside the first frame, the one to the left:

Bring up your tube, copy

Paste as new layer on your template layer

Adjust your tube to your liking, on this one I used the tubes midriff

Selections, Invert then hit delete once, this is what it should look like now:

Repeat this for both frames using different parts of your tube:

Add a drop shadow to your top template using these settings:

Ok, nearly finished now...we are going to add our text, so hit on your text tool and choose a nice script font.

I used AL Sandra

Size 72 and vector checked

Using your vector tool on your text, re-adjust your text, tilting it to the left so it looks like it is balancing on the line on your template:

Add the same drop shadow as you did with your template.

Add all your watermarks and copyright information.

Layers, Merge All

At this point you can add a border if you wish, I added one so it looked better against the black for this tutorial.

I picked a light colour from my tube and used symmetrical 2

Image, resize by 75%

Viola, done!




25 May 2006








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