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Paint Shop Pro

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Tube and Template and Image

{Thank you Mariel and Mtm Manon for allowing me to use your awesome tubes!}


{Brush supplied by Vix - You can find her site Here Thank you Vix!}

{I have acquired these over a long period of time, if you are the owner, please email me so I can give proper credit...thank you}



Open blank canvas 680x510

Maximise the template I supplied

Copy and paste as a new layer into your new blank canvas, move to the left of canvas. The colour is already set  but you can change the colour at this time if you wish.


Image, Mirror

Your canvas should look like this:

Rename your bottom layer Background and flood fill with white

Rename layer 2 'Left'

Rename layer 3 'Right'

Highlight Right layer, Adjust, Hue and Saturation, colorize and change to Hue: 250 - Saturation: 0

Your layer palette should look like this:

Highlight your Right Layer and change the Blend Mode to Luminance (It doesn't look like it's changed but it will soon :o)))

Highlight your left layer

Selections, Load Selection and look for LifeIsForLiving_01_Ms

Use these settings:

Selections, Promote Selection to Layer

Bring up MarieL2006juin_abstract01t.pspimage

Copy and paste into selection in the canvas we have been working on

Selections, Select None

Rename that layer, Tube Left

Highlight Right Layer

Selections, Load Selection, LifeIsForLiving_02_Ms with the same settings as before

Selections, Promote Selection to Layer

Bring up Awakening_Tears.jpg

Copy and Paste into Selection on the canvas we have been working on (Keep Selected!)

Add new layer

Open Mtm_transparante tube39-DSC-7 Juni 2006.pspimage and paste into selection

Selections, Select None

Rename Promoted  layer to Image Right and change the Blend Mode to Multiply

Rename Raster 1 to Tube Right.

On Tube Right Layer, Adjust, Hue and Saturation using these settings:

*If you used a different colour in the template, you will need to change the Hue and Saturation to suit your template,

 just play around until you get a colour you like*

*Nearly finished now, I promise LOL*

Highlight background Layer and Hide all others

Add layer and rename it Brush 1 ***Add a new layer for each brush you use, so you can change the colour,  Blend mode and Opacity***

Unhide all layers and activate your left template layer

Add new layer

Using the Vix-Quote3.PspBrush add the text to just over the template, in black:

Image, duplicate and move to bottom right hand side, under your right template:

Add a drop shadow and you can also duplicate this text and change the Gaussian Blur but remember to do this for both text layers

Add your signature

Add any Copyright Information you may need and also your watermark.

Layers, Merge Visible

Viola, done!





1st July 2006



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