Thank you to Patry, Sin and JoLuvsDogs for providing the tubes for this tutorial.

Plug-in Jeux de lignes -Entrelacement Here

Plug-in - Dsb Flux  - Here

Tubes - Selection - Font Here



Open new blank canvas 740 x 240

Pick a dark colour from your image or tube for your foreground and a light colour for your background

Use these settings for Gradient

Flood fill your canvas

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 10

Effects - Plug-in - Jeux de lignes - Entrelacement with these settings

Open PatryMists_06_Cityscape_17.psp - Copy and paste as New Layer onto your canvas

Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling with these settings

Change the Blend Mode to Luminance and the Opacity to 42

Edit - Paste as new layer - your tube should still be in the memory

Image - Mirror and move to right side of your canvas

Open SinTubes~Metro2dec05.psp

With your Perspective Correction tools, use these settings

Resize by 48%

Copy and Paste onto your canvas - moving to the left of your image

Change the Blend Mode of this to Dodge

Open apocolypse_joluvsdogs.psp and paste as new layer, move a little to the left


Effects - Distortion Effects - Wind with these settings

Repeat wind effect

Layers  - Arrange - Move Down

Change the Blend Mode of the Top layer to Darken

New Layer

Selections - Load Selections - Load MsTique-Manhatten-01.PspSelection with these settings

Flood Fill with Gradient

Effects - Plug-in - Jeux de lignes - Entrelacement using the same settings as before

Selections - Modify - Contract by 3

Flood Fill with Background (Light) colour

Change the Blend Mode to Hard Light and the Opacity to 76


Change your Foreground colour to #0b58ab and your Background colour to Nil

Click on your text tool and type Manhattan using these settings

Place your text in the middle of your selection

Convert to Rastor Layer


Effects - Dsb Flux - Blast using these settings

Repeat Blast changing Direction to Right

Layers - Arrange - Move Down

Making sure your top layer is active

Add a Drop Shadow with these settings

And change the Blend Mode to Multiply

Add any Copyright Information you may need and your Watermark

Layers - Merge All (Flatten)

Image - Add Border - Symmetrical by 2 using your Foreground colour

Image - Add Border - Symmetrical by 15 - White

Save as Jpg



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