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2 Graphics - Open in psp ] : ---
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Remember to save often!!!!

 Open Graphics and mask in psp, copy and paste then close the originals.

 With both of your graphics, go to layer palette, then right click on background and promote background to layer

We will be working with Ocean of tears graphic, but don’t worry about how big it is, we will be resizing it later.

 Change the colour to a colour of your choice using Colourize Go Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colourize

 Choose a colour you like, but make sure not to have the colour too dark. Here’s the colour I used

We are going to add the mask to our graphic, Layers, loads/save mask, load mask from disc, click yes at prompt. Look for nik-warpedreflections using these settings

 In layer palette, right click, delete mask, click yes, right click on group, merge layers.

 Bring up your remaining graphic, copy, paste as new layer onto the graphic we have been working on.

 Layers, move down.

 Rename layers, Ocean view (Top layer) and Pier or birds for your bottom layer.

 Change the blend mode on Ocean view to Soft Light

Crop off excess background now, just below the white on the pier background

 Add new layer, move to bottom

Flood fill with colour, something that matches the colourizing you did, I used #da8b49

 Reduce the opacity of your Pier layer to 72

 Duplicate your Ocean view layer, close off all layers accept your Ocean View layer and new copy, merge, merge visible.

 View, view all

 Now we are going to add some nice effects to our graphic.

 Go to Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds, using these settings, colour of your choice, I used #fbdcc0

 Change the blend mode on Ocean view to Soft Light again

 New layer

 Selection, Loads/Save Selection, Ocean of Tears_Ms selection

 Flood fill with colour of your choice, I used #fbdcc0

 Change blend mode to Hard Light

 Selections, select none

 Right click, duplicate

 With your copy highlighted, Image, Flip, Image, Mirror

 Back to first selection we did (Top one)

 Effects, Distortion Effects, Wind

 Wind direction, from left, Wind strength 100

 Click on the copy of your selection (Bottom one)

 Add Wind effect again, but change the Wind direction to From Right

 Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

 We are going to add your quote now to your top selection.

 Pick a darker colour than the one you used for your selection, we need a contrast, if you chose a dark colour then the opposite applies, or you could use white. I used #da8b49

 Choose a nice script font, Vector, size 30 and click on your graphic

 With your text surrounded by Vector, adjust it so that it fit’s nicely into your selection, like so…

 Add drop shadow with these settings

 Merge, Merge Visible

 Using a thick font, on your colour palette, click the bottom colour palette off (Hide)

Same colour, size 100, Vector, stroke 1

 Place in bottom Left hand corner of your tag

 Convert to rastor layer

 Add same drop shadow as before Nearly finished now LOL

 Choose a nice script font, you can use the same one as your quote if you want. And add your name again, we are going to place this over your thick font. Make sure that you unclick hide on your layer palette

 Stroke 0, size 72

 Add drop shadow with these settings twice

 Merge, Merge Visible

 Resize your tag to something suitable to you, we are all different, some of us like bug tags LOL I resized mine by 65 %

 Image, Add Borders

 Select Magic wand and click inside your Border so you see little marching ants all around your border

 Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds, use same settings as before

 Selections, select none

 Your tag is now finished, don’t forget to add your watermark and save as Jpeg or Gif.

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