Polaroid Moment

Supplies Needed

Unlimited Filters 2 - Xero Filters HERE


Remember to save often!!!!

Open New Blank Canvas 770 X 590

Flood fill with Xtreme-04-Ms.PspGradient

Effects - Filters Unlimited 2 - VM Distortion - Tilomat 2000 with these settings

(IMPORTANT ~ The result may vary depending on what Gradient you use)

Effects - Filters Unlimited 2 - VM Stylize - Zoom Blur with these settings:

Selections - Load Selections - Xtreme-Polaroid-1.PspSelection

Selections - Modify - Feather set at 50

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Set at 14


New Layer

Selections - Load Selections - Xtreme-Polaroid-2.PspSelection

Flood Fill with Xtreme-26-Ms.PspGradient.PspGradient

Effects - Penta.com - Colour Dots with these settings

Effects - Distortion Effects - Wind

Change the Blend Mode to Burn

Bottom Layer Active

Open texture72.jpg

Copy and Paste as New Layer on your working Canvas

Change the Blend mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity to 70

Top Layer active

New Layer

Selections - Load Selection - Xtreme-Polaroid-03.PspSelection

Flood Fill with Xtreme-26-Ms.PspGradient.PspGradient using these settings

Effects - Drop Shadow with these settings


Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling using the Default setting

Copy and Paste Xtreme-Misc-06-Grunge-Framer-31-01-09.psp into your working canvas

Add Drop Shadow with these settings

Effects - Image Effects - Offset with these settings

New Layer

Selections - Load Xtreme-Polaroid-04.PspSelection

Drag under the Polaroid Frame and Flood Fill with Black

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay

Effects - Xero Soft Mood with these settings (X2)

Close the Polaroid Frame Layer

Merge All Visible Layers

Effects - Filters Unlimited 2 - Colour Effects - Swap Red/Blue

I left my settings as is, if you want a different colour, keep hitting Random

Unlock Frame Layer

Top layer active (Frame Layer)

Open Xtreme-Women-86-Tu_Tu_15-01-09.pspimage - Copy and Past into working Canvas

Resize by 75%

Using the Selection Tool, carefully select the tubes left leg, only the bit covering the frame

Hit Delete ONCE

Nearly done now :o)

New Layer

Foreground - Xtreme-26-Ms.PspGradient.PspGradient

Brushes - Xtreme-Polaroid-01.PspBrush - Stamp the TOP RIGHT corner of Canvas

Change the Blend Mode to BURN

Text Tool - Find the font EspectroSwash - Size 60 - Vector and again using Xtreme-26-Ms.PspGradient.PspGradient

Type your name or quote - Convert to Raster Layer - Add same drop shadow as before - Change the Blend Mode to BURN

Place on the BOTTOM RIGHT side of your canvas

Merge Visible Layers

Image - Add Borders - 5 Symmetrical - White

Image - Add Borders - 40 Symmetrical - Any colour

Magic Wand - Feather 0 - Click INSIDE coloured border

Bring up texture72.jpg we used earlier - Copy and Paste INTO selection

Effects - Xero - Soft Mood - Same settings as before

STILL selected

Drop Shadow

Repeat Drop Shadow BUT change the Vertical to -5 and Horizontal to -4

Effects - Filters Unlimited 2 - Colour Effects - Swap Red/Blue


Add any Copyright Information you may need and of course a watermark

Save as JPG

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