Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop

rusty_metal.jpg Here (Open in psp)
Selection’s (Place in your selection folder here)
3 images to work with (Copy and close the originals)
Xero Filters (Soft Mood)


Remember to save often!

1. Open a 600 by 600 canvas BLACK, don’t worry about the size, we’ll adjust that later

NB If you are using coloured images, you need to change them to greyscale: Image – Greyscale – Image – Increase colour depth to 16 million.

2. Copy images and paste onto your black canvas. Place them where you think they look best. Rename images 1, 2 and 3

3. Close off two of the images, it doesn’t matter which ones and click on your freehand tool with these settings:

4. Remove all the background around your image making sure not to get too close to the body.
5. Select a piece of background with your freehand tool: see image

6. Hit delete several times until you are happy with your result
7. Repeat this for your next two images until you have something like this:

8. Next we will change the opacity of our layers
9. Lock all layers except for image one

10. Change the blend mode of image 1 to hard light
Close image 1 and open image 2
11. Change the blend mode of this layer to hard light
Close image 2 and open image 3
12. Change the blend mode of this layer to hard light
13. Unlock all layers
You should now have something like this

14. Bring up rusty_metal.jpg
15. Go to material palette, choose pattern and search for rusty_metal.jpg

16. Layers, new layer
17. Flood fill with rusty_metal.jpg, reduce opacity to 20 and change blend mode to luminance
18. Still on rusty layer, go to effects, unlimited filters 2, special effects 1, aged film with these settings

19. On rusty layer, selection, load/save selection, load HalleScratchesMs
Hit delete
Selections, select none
20. Selections, load/save selections, load HalleScratches2Ms
Hit delete again.
Selections, select none
21. Selections, load/save selections, load HalleScratces3Ms
Selections, select none
22. Selections, load/save selection, load HalleScratches4Ms
Make sure you have your top layer activated
23. Effects, Distortion Effects, wind with these settings:

24. Effects, add drop shadow with these settings


25. Click on the layer with your tubes, which should be above your background layer making sure it is active.
26. Add new layer and flood fill with a gradient of your choice and change the blend mode to colour.
This is the one I used

Not too far now LOL

27. Back on to your top layer, Effects, Xero, and Soft Mood with these settings

28. Staying on your bottom layer
Add your text in white, you can choose any font you wish, I find different fonts work with different graphics, I used these settings:

29. Change the Opacity to 50% or whatever suits your image
30. Ok now, add your water mark then Merge, Merge flatten.

31. Resize to whatever suits you; I resized mine by 70%
32. Image, add border, black 1 – Symmetric
33. Image, add border, white 10 – symmetric
34. Image, add border black 1 – symmetric
35. Copy and paste into animation shop
36. Go to Effects, insert Image Effects
37. Posterise with these settings

38. File
Save as Gif!



I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, please email me if you have any questions



February 17 2006

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