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Remember to save often!!!!

Open New Blank Canvas 720 x 400

Flood fill with White

Copy and paste Mtm-Plant018-small-17 okt 2007.pspimage into Canvas

Effects - Image Effects - Seamless Tiling with these settings:

Effects - Tramages - Wee Scratches with Amount set at 255

New Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selections - Load Selection from Disk - Xtreme-Recondite-01

Flood fill with #f0286c and change the Blend Mode to Multiply and Opacity to 68

New Rastor Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selections - Load Selection from Disk - Xtreme-Recondite-02

Flood Fill with Xtreme-23-Ms.PspGradient


Effects - Xero - Artifax with these settings

Effects - Photo Effex - Scanlines with these settings

Merge - Merge Visible

Selections - Select All

Selections - Modify - Contact by 85

Adjust - Blur - Radial Blur set like this:

Keep selected and Add a New Layer

Flood fill with #cb445f or a Dark Colour from your Tube/Background

Selections - Modify - Contract by 1

Hit Delete once on your keyboard


Add New Layer

Click onto your Selection tool and choose Custom Selection

Use these settings:

Ok  - Keep Selected

Open Mtm_Abstarct 24-18 sept 2007.pspimage

Copy and Paste INTO Selection


Duplicate tube

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur at 24.36

Layers - Arrange - Move down

Change the Blend Mode of the Original (Top) tube to Luminance (L) and the Opacity to 70

Activate the frame layer

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow with these settings:

Merge All (Flatten)

Image - Add Border

Image - Add Border

Make sure you use a different colour from your tube

Foreground Colour #cb445f

Background Colour #f3d9cc

Change Foreground to Gradient

With your Magic Wand, click INSIDE the Blue Border

Flood fill with your Gradient

Still Selected

Effects - - Colour Dot with these settings:


Add another Border - 2 Symmetric - with the same Pink as before

Background Colour - #cb445f

Add your text and place under the border image on the right hand side like so:

Effects - Drop Shadow with the same settings as before

Add any Copyright Info you may need and your watermark

Merge Visible

Resize to your taste

Save as Jpeg




Here's another version that i made :o)



All Graphics put together by myself

All tutorials are made by MsTique, any similarities to any other Tutorial is purely coincidental.

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