Scarlet Women




Xero Softmood (Place in Plug-in folder)

Selections (Place in Selections Folder)

Brushes (Place in Brush Folder)

5 Tubes (Open and minimise in Psp)

Textures (Open and minimise in Psp)

Font (Open and minimise)

Supplies Here


To Mac ~ For Inspiration.....



Open all Tubes and Texture and minimise for now

Open new blank canvas 800 x800 ( We will resize this later )

Flood fill with white

Rename Background

New layer

Rename Squares

Selections, Load/Save Selection, Load selection from Disk, Load: MsTique-Scarlet-Women-01

Copy the texture supplied

Paste as New Layer and rename it Red

Selections - Invert - Hit Delete once

 Layers - Arrange - Move Down

Make sure your top layer is highlighted

Add New Layer

Rename 1

Selections, Load/Save Selection, Load selection from Disk, Load: MsTique-Scarlet-Women-02

* Copy one of your tubes and paste as new layer, resize if you need to and position where you like

Selections - Invert - Hit Delete

Selection - Select None

This is what your layer palette should look like so far

Close all layers except 1 and tube 1 ( The top two )

Layers - Merge Visible

View - View all

Rename your merged layer to Square 1

Click on your Squares layer

Add new Layer

Selections, Load/Save Selection, Load selection from Disk, Load: MsTique-Scarlet-Women-03

Add your second tube, the same way as you did the last one, continue with this from * until you have your remaining squares filled

This is what your layer palette should look like now

Click on your Red layer

Effects - Xero - Softmood with these settings:

Add a Drop Shadow with these settings:

Image - Resize by 85% making sure that Resize all Layers is CHECKED

Open Danger_Jaided_3-21-06.pspimage

Copy and paste as New Image and close the original

Resize Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize using these settings:

Copy and paste as new layer into your canvas and place in the middle

Add the same drop shadow as before, your settings should still be the same

Foreground and Background colour Black

Add New layer

Using your Brush tool, locate Xtreme-Psp-Scarlet-01-Ms.PspBrush and paste onto top left corner, just above your first square:

Add new layer

And locate Xtreme-Psp-Scarlet-02-Ms.PspBrush and paste this onto bottom right of your image:

Add your name to the bottom left corner of your image with these settings:

Using the vector nodes, adjust your text to your liking

Add the same drop shadow as before

Add any copyright information you may need and your watermark

Layers, Merge Visible and save as Jpeg


Voila! Done.

*Tubes courtesy of Giada and Jaided*



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