The Journey Of Angels

Supplies Needed

My tubes
My Gradient
My selections
Cloud tube (I don't know the maker of these clouds, if you do, please let me know then I can give proper credit)

Unlimited Filters 2
VM Stylise
VM Tool Box
Eye Candy 5
Xenofex 2
MediaSpark Filters
Flaming Pear - Melancholytron - HERE

Filters HERE

***Open all tubes in Psp and minimise -
Put Gradient in your Gradient Folder -
Put selections in your selections folder -
Place your filters in your filter folder***

Open new transparent canvas 875 x 320

Flood Fill with Xtreme-25-Ms.PspGradient

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - set at 7.00

Filters Unlimited 2 - VM Stylise - Zoom Blur with these settings:

New Layer

Xenofex 2 - Little Fluffy Clouds with these settings:

It should look like this

Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Soft Light

You will get a different effect if you use a different Gradient/colour or you change the preset on your clouds, have a play and see what you like best, but don't overdo it with the clouds :o)

While still on this layer

Effects - MediaSpark Filters - Vignette Transparent with these settings:

Effects - Flaming Pear - Melancholytron with these settings:

Adjust  - Gaussian Blur - 5.00

Effects - Xero - Soft Mood with these settings:

New Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Disk - Xtreme-Journey-Of-the-Angel-01.PspSelection

Flood fill with White

Effects - Xero - Soft mood with same settings as before

New Layer - Selections - Select all

Bring up Xtreme-Journey-Of-the-Angel-01-Apophysis.pspimage

Copy and Paste INTO selection

Deselect and change the Blend Mode of this layer to Screen

New Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Disk - Xtreme-Journey-Of-the-Angel-02.PspSelection

Flood fill with White

Effects - Eye Candy 5  - Impact - Gradient Glow with these settings:

Deselect and bring this layer down to the bottom of the canvas

New Layer

Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Disk - Xtreme-Journey-Of-the-Angel-03.PspSelection

Open Xtreme-Journey-Of-the-Angels-01-WordArt.pspimage - Copy and Paste INTO selection


Drop Shadow with these settings:

Open Xtreme-Women-92-Angel-25-03-09.psp - Resize by 50%

Copy and paste as new layer onto canvas and place on right side of white platform

Open kschmidt_clouds_04.pspimage and copy the cloud that is already selected

Paste as new layer onto canvas

 Reduce size to 50%

Place over the Angel tube to hide the bottom of her skirt a little

 Text tool  - Colour #498cc5 - Font: LaDanse.ttf - Size: 40  - Vector

Type in the words: The Journey of Angels (Or any suiting your tube and image)

Centre on the white platform

  Drop shadow with the same settings as before but change the colour to #498cc5

Watermark and copyright your image then merge all visible

Image  - Add Border - size 1 - Symmetric - white

Image - Add Border - size 50 - Symmetric - #498cc5

Click inside the blue border with the Magic Wand - 0 Tolerance - 0 Feather

Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds with these settings:

Keep selected

Effects - Filters Unlimited 2 - VM Tool Box - Soft Border with these settings:


Image - Add Border  - size 1 - Symmetric - #498cc5

Save as Jpg

*A Beautiful version made by Natascha*

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